Who We Are ?

We are an upcoming Creative Design studio that is already on the track of being a leader in the world of DIGITAL.

We provide end to end design solutions to various clients from leading Indian and international brands. Initiated by Mr. Chander Mohan in 2016, this venture gathered enormous success in such a short span. The credit goes to the farsightedness and fantastic work dedication of our wonderful team that believes in always doing something creative.

Mr. Chander Mohan Kumar has 30 years of extensive experience in real estate, consulting and various other sectors. Throughout his career, he has worked as a main pillar with numerous influential corporate businesses. He has once held the position of a General Manager at:

Some of the inclusions in his long list of corporate experience. All this makes him to be a great requirement analyst who understands his client in the best possible manner and delivers the highest standards of quality.

As the founder of Mukti Digital, Mr. Chander Mohan Kumar has built his present reputation on the pillars of hard work, integrity and professionalism. Creativity comes as natural to him as breathing to human body. It would not be wrong to term him as a pro in branding and designing.

Rohit Kumar is an energetic, talented, self made individual who with his visionary outlook is all set to take Mukti Digital to the top.

After completing his MBA from IBS, Hyderabad, Rohit accepted the challenge of being a Director at Mukti Digital at such a young age and set out to break the stereotypes and carve a unique niche for himself.

He has successfully handled numerous projects with 100% client satisfaction. The credit goes to his thorough capturing and analysis of the client requirements, out of box thinking, strategic approach towards the problem, wonderful communication skills and in depth understanding and mastery of his work.

A great team worker and magnificent leader, Rohit Kumar is favourite among his patrons and staff due to his loving and supportive attitude. His innovative approach in branding and designing ensures the client to deliver the best quality work.